Ocean Dreams

By JaRed Cameron

Illustrated by Zoljargal Enkhbold

An orphan discovers a magical land in JaRed Cameron’s Ocean Dreams. When Kyle loses both his parents in a car accident at the age of two, he is placed in the New York City foster care system. At eighteen, he finds himself homeless and alone. But on his birthday, Kyle receives a mysterious invitation from a queen summoning him to a foreign land. He soon discovers a fantastical kingdom called Landria, where he is tested body and soul and begins to learn about his gift of premonition through dreams. But once a murder is committed, throwing the kingdom into disarray, Kyle is blamed. Now, he must solve the crime before he is wrongfully sentenced to death. Can Kyle clear his name and save Landria before it’s too late? Come along as one boy takes an epic journey through a fantasy realm in this magical tale about a mysterious queen, unlikely heroes, and ocean dreams.

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